Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health

Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health! Get a Professional Deep Cleaning Now

With every step of foot traffic, dirt, bacteria, and allergens get collected deeper into your carpet. Even if your carpet appears clean, it hosts microbes, bacteria, and other irritants. The allergens present in the fibres of the carpets and rugs make millions of people ill every year. So, getting a professional carpet cleaning in Bella Vista is important to ensure dust, pet dander, and other potentially harmful, odour-producing particles are out of your home.

Several studies show that the accumulation of dust and allergens is more in carpets than in non-carpeted floors. The studies also reveal carpeted floors affect indoor air quality and worsen the symptoms of asthma and allergies. Hiring carpet cleaning services in Bella Vista not only removes dirt and grime from your carpet but also increases the life of it by removing abrasive grit that could destroy carpet fibres.

Respiratory Issues

As mentioned above, dust, dirt, pet hair, and dead skin cells get trapped in the carpet. Repeated vacuuming and walking can free up these particles from the carpet and spread them in the air. This can lead to inflammation of the lung and causes respiratory issues such as coughing, difficulty breathing, and other respiratory ailments. These symptoms are more intense in people with Asthma and children who spend more time on the floor.

Allergic Reactions

The mould and dust mites in carpets create allergic reactions such as red eyes, running nose, sneezing, and other unpleasant allergy attacks. If you experience allergic symptoms often, your carpets must be the reason.

Rashes and Itchy Skin

Skin irritation such as itchy skin, rashes, eczema, and athlete’s foot is one of the common causes of dirty carpets. Even if you maintain a regular cleaning schedule will not get rid of small dust mites from your carpet. Hiring a certified carpet cleaner in Bella Vista for deep cleaning carpets helps you eliminate irritants that can cause skin irritation.

Pet Urine and Mould Growth

Do you have pets at home? Then, keeping your carpet clean is crucial for disease prevention. Pet urine and other animal waste create a strong ammonia smell that can cause nose and lung irritation. Moreover, the dampness can increase the risk of mould growth. If you aren’t having a regular schedule for carpet cleaning in Bella Vista, you are giving way for fleas, ticks, and other toxic microbes to get into your home.

The Bottom Line

Creating a weekly carpet cleaning routine is a good strategy to keep your carpets clean and healthy. No matter how clean your carpet appears to be, hire professionals to deep clean your carpet every once in a while, depending on the amount of traffic your home gets. It not only keeps dust mites and dirt at bay but also improves the life of your carpet.