Carpets Cleaning

A Guide to Carpet Maintenance

Are you wondering how to maintain your carpet and keep it clean? Carpeting is susceptible to accumulating lots of dirt and grime due to the high traffic it receives. However, if you treat your carpet well with proper care and maintenance, it is likely to last longer than expected, saving money in the long run.

Carpet cleaning can sometimes be stressful. But, trust us, it is not as hard as you imagine. However, if you can’t clean your carpet, remember, our Carpet Cleaner in Campbelltown is just one call away. Here’s some tips on how to clean the carpet by yourself, this guide can help you make carpet cleaning in Campbelltown and maintenance hassle-free.

Deep Clean Regularly

This is one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean and looking good. By deep cleaning your carpet, you can ensure that the carpet is in good condition even if there are weather changes, accidental spills and snags, and high foot traffic. While natural fibre carpets should be cleaned with a dry extraction cleaner, you’ll need a dry carpet cleaner for natural sisal or wool carpet to freshen up space and leave the carpets sparkling clean.

Vacuum and Sweep Daily

This is the most important part of maintenance which many homeowners tend to overlook. Dirt and debris will reduce the carpet’s beauty and lifespan by damaging the carpet fibres, leaving visible wear and tear from heavy traffic and spills. That’s why it is important to vacuum and sweep daily as it helps to remove small pieces of debris, dust, sand, and prevent it from the stains and damage the natural fibres of your carpeting.

Use a strong brush-suction vacuum to remove loose dirt from the carpet instead of the beater bar. Of course, you can’t notice the dirt and debris. But, regular Carpet Cleaning in Campbelltown will increase its lifespan and make it look new.

Clean the Spill on the Same Day

Spills are inevitable! Don’t worry, clean the spills as soon as you notice. Failing to do so can permanently damage your carpeting. For dry spills, vacuum the material of your carpet immediately. Start vacuuming from the outer edge of the carpet toward the centre. When it comes to wet spills, extract the material and scrap up the excess. Never rub the wet spill in a circular motion as it will spread to other places. Add water to the spill and continue to blot until the stain is removed or disappeared.

Need help with carpet cleaning? We can help you. Our carpet cleaners are experienced, insured, and dedicated to providing high-quality Carpet Cleaning services Campbelltown. Please call us for further queries.