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Are you looking for a higher level of maintenance for your precious carpet floors? Do you want your carpet to look and smell as new? Then look no further. Here at Bri-tec Cleaning Solutions, we have professionals who are highly trained to deliver excellent quality carpet cleaning Sutherland Shire and other Sydney metropolitan areas.

What is essential is invisible to the eye. For us, cleaning carpets is more than just removing the visible impurities such as dirt, dust and grime. We always think out of the box in order to give our clients the most comprehensive services possible. We got everything covered from the removal of odours and stains, all the way down to carpet maintenance and protection.

Eco friendly Carpet Cleaning in Blacktown


At the heart of Bri-tec’s carpet cleaning Sutherland is the dust mite allergen method. It involves thorough cleaning using a specialised germ cleaning solution designed to eradicate deep-rooted soiling. This is to be followed by an efficient steam cleaning process and powerful vacuum system to guarantee a thoroughly clean and rinsed carpet.

Once we’ve taken care of the basic elements, we also offer clients as an add-on option our special dust mite control service. Made of natural extracts, we use a nontoxic solution that is highly effective against allergens from dust mite droppings. Based on positive feedback from our regular clients, we highly recommend this for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Upholstery Cleaning Sutherland Shire

Bri-tec is more than just a carpet cleaning service. In addition to this, we also offer high quality lounge cleaning Sutherland Shire. We also do two types of upholstery cleaning sutherland shire, one for fabrics and another for leather. Equipped with sophisticated cleaning tools and restoration equipment, this extensive service covers everything from material testing, pre-spraying and deodorising, to agitation scrubbing and steam cleaning. We also have an exceptional tile and grout cleaning services.


Vacuuming has many known benefits. It can prevent the growth of molds, improve the quality of air indoors, enhance home hygiene and many more.

Despite all the many good things that we can say about regular vacuuming, it is still not enough to replace professional carpet cleaning sutherland shire. Regular vacuum may be able to remove dust and dirt, but it is not enough to remove pollutants, odours and stains from the carpet. It also cannot restore the original appearance of carpets.

We use highly advanced methods and sophisticated cleaning equipment to effectively clean your carpet. Our highly trained technicians are capable of providing consistently good quality service. We always deliver our services in a fast, convenient and hassle-free manner.

Bri-Tec is also a leading services provider of lounge cleaning Sutherland Shire. We also offer upholstery cleaning services as well as tile and grout cleaning services.

According to experts, carpets that are situated in high-traffic areas should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months.




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