Face Masks for Sale – Protect Yourself from Dangerous Airborne Particles


With the Australian Government, making it mandatory for the general public to wear protective gear, more and more people are turning towards face mask to minimise their exposure to airborne particulate. At Bri-Tec, we added a new category that lists face masks for sale to simplify your search for a face mask. You can wear this face mask over your nose and mouth to prevent you from inhaling or exhaling air-borne particles especially during carpet cleaning. We supply 3ply disposable face masks, and you can order in bulk quantities to save more.

  • Disposable Mask 3 ply
  • Breathe Freely
  • Comfortable
  • High Filtration Capacity
  • Perfect Fit

Guidelines to Use Face Masks

Face masks are available in different types, each offering different degree of protection.

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before putting on your face mask.
  • Inspect the mouth of the mask for signs of any wear and tear and loop the mask over your ears if it has ear loops. When wearing a face mask, ensure that the mask covers your face completely. If you can breathe through the side of your mouth, you must replace it with a smaller fit before going to any public place or gathering.
  • When buying a face mask, check whether they are disposable or reusable. You can wear most N95 face mask for up to 8 hours and then carefully dispose them of in the trash safely.
  • Don’t wear disposable masks for more than a few hours or reuse them. In any case, if you must remove the face mask, don’t reapply it. Dispose of it and apply a fresh mask.

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